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Extravagant Accommodation to Enjoy with Baby: Vol.1
Kawatana Grand Hotel


Sometimes it’s good to go on a relaxing hot spring break. Let’s see… can you forget your surroundings and enjoy a leisurely hot spring visit together with baby? Hey, since it’s a rare occasion, why not splurge a little and go for a hot spring hotel that has rooms with an open-air bath? Let us introduce a luxurious Japanese hotel that’s great for visiting together with baby, where you can spend a quiet and leisurely time.

Kawatana Grand Hotel

We’ve come to the “Kawatana Grand Hotel”, in the capital of pufferfish: Shimonoseki City, Yamaguchi Prefecture. The exterior gives it the look of a massive, imposing hot spring inn, just as the name suggests. But actually, separate from the main building there are 13 detached rooms, each with their own hot spring bath.

 Kawatana Grand Hotel

This time, we stayed at the “Hanatsubaki” (Camellia Flower) room, which comes with its own open-air bath. The eight-tatami-mat-sized room, fitted with Ryukyu-style tatami mats, has a simple and tranquil atmosphere. Since it’s tatami mats, baby can lie down and roll around without any worry. And if baby has already mastered the art of crawling, they’re free to roam around as much as they like. They’re sure to enjoy the lovely feeling of tatami on bare feet.

 Kawatana Grand Hotel

The open-air bath that can be viewed through the full-wall windows is a pleasant cypress wood bathtub. Unwind and relax while enveloped in the refreshing scent of cypress. Put some hot spring water into a baby bath borrowed from the hotel, and once it’s cooled to the right temperature, baby can relax with you too. Aah… how nice it is to enjoy an extravagant moment with the whole family!

 Kawatana Grand Hotel

You can also borrow a baby chair and baby cutlery. Dinner is served in your room, so you can enjoy it as a happy family. If you’ve brought baby food with you, you can have it warmed up and served in a bowl. As it’s plastic, there’s no worries even if it gets knocked over. All right! Mom and Dad, let’s enjoy pufferfish to our heart’s content!

Kawatana Grand Hotel

Kawatana Grand Hotel

The hostess who looked after us during our stay also has a child, and while preparing our pufferfish rice porridge was so thoughtful and considerate to ask if we would like to portion out some separately for the baby, before adding any alcohol.

Breakfast is a buffet with a focus on Japanese food, and served in the “Kaedeterasu” (Maple Terrace) dining room, in the main building. You can borrow cradles and baby chairs for your baby. There are also baby spoons, and the buffet’s rice porridge seems to be suitable for babies who have been eating baby food for around two months. Many families visit the hotel, and it has just the right level of liveliness, so moms and dads visiting with baby have no need to feel uneasy. It seemed like the staff are also well accustomed to guests with babies.

Kawatana Grand Hotel

Oh, and before we forget! Here’s the secret little pleasure of any trip, the amenities:♪

Kawatana Grand Hotel John Master Organic

Organic luxury brand “John Masters Organics.” It’s a three-item set with shampoo, hair treatment, and body milk.

In addition to the room in which we stayed this time, there are several different types of detached rooms, such as a barrier-free accessible room, and a room with a half open-air bath. Hushed, luxurious detached rooms at a huge hot spring inn. If you have an opportunity to visit, don’t miss out on staying here with your baby! And then, if you don’t mind, let Luntan know your thoughts!

We’ve listed up the services and goods offered by “Kawatana Grand Hotel” that will please moms and dads. All items are free, apart from those that mention a charge. For more details, please inquire to the hotel.

・Baby’s Accommodation (Charge: ¥2,160 ※meals and bedding materials not included)

・Baby Chair

・Baby Bath

・Baby Cutlery

・Diaper Waste Basket

・Baby Bed (Charge: ¥1,080)


・Baby Food Heating (baby food itself is not provided)

・Large Celebratory Rice Cake for Baby’s First Birthday (Charge: ¥3,780)

・Weaning Ceremony Meal (Charge: ¥4,320)


Kawatana Grand Hotel

Kawatanaonsen, Toyouracho, Shimonoseki City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, 759-6301
TEL 083-774-1111
Detached Room Special Website







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