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We hope you will enjoy an elegant moment with your family at an extraordinary event such as a trip…


Moms and dads raising babies and children.
Many mothers and fathers are busy with child-rearing, housework and work every day,many of you may be thinking only of your children when it comes to food and experiences.

In fact, we, the editorial staff of Luntan, are one of those parents who are in the midst of raising children.We feel deeply that parents really do their best for their children every day, even if unconsciously.

In such a hectic schedule, the family trip that you spend time to plan is something special and full of feelings.If so, family trips should be like a rewarding experience not only for the children, but also for the parents as adults.We have neglected this in the hustle and bustle of child-rearing,It would be nice to have a luxurious time where the whole family can experience the elegance, quality, quietness, and spaciousness that have been neglected in the hustle and bustle of child-rearing.

There are many kid-friendly lodgings, but not many of them offer the quality of space and service that will satisfy not only children but also adults.

Luntan for Travel has carefully selected kid-friendly hotels and ryokan (Japanese-style inns) from Luntan’s own perspective.

Not every day, not every time.I want luxury! We are happy to be a reliable source of information for those special times when you feel that way.

Also, in a high quality space that until now has been considered a luxury for adults only,How should we, adults with children, spend our time?I hope that we can think about manners that allow both children and adults to spend time comfortably while respecting those around us.

Now, for those moms and dads who have given up on the idea that “it can’t be helped if I’m with my child,” let’s get to it,We hope you will enjoy a blissful time with your children at our exciting first-class service.


It’s fun with kids!
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Original ArticleFeature article crafted from the perspective of Luntan

(日本語) 登別温泉郷 滝乃家


(日本語) ANA インターコンチネンタル 安比高原リゾート  岩手・安比高原


(日本語) 坐忘林


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