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Luxury parent-child travel and accommodation brand introduction vol.1
Inns that offer ‘retreats’ to face the mind

◾︎Introducing the First Installment of a High-Quality Accommodation Brand that Allows Stay with Children.

The word ‘retreat’ has been increasingly heard in the last few years. It describes spending time away from everyday life and facing oneself.

Parenting, housework, work… For us parents, it seems like an unattainable dream to have time to quietly reflect on ourselves, but travelling makes it possible. As long as it is a family trip, it is a time to face yourself, or rather your family, including yourself. It is a luxurious moment that is completely different from spending time together at home, and an opportunity to discover a new way of being a family.

Luntan has introduced several such lodges that brand themselves as ‘retreats’.

Among them is the Setouchi Retreat , an internationally renowned inn built and designed by Tadao Ando.It is limited to one group per day and can accommodate children of primary school age and younger. For pre-school children, dinner can be prepared in a private room.




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In addition, Hakone Retreat fore&villa 1/f, an independent villa surrounded by the vast forests of Hakone, you can gather wood to light the fireplace or take a walk in the forest with your family. Children will be able to stretch out in the rich natural surroundings.




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This retreat brand is expanded to five locations nationwide. The refined accommodations, designed to sharpen the senses, provide an atmosphere suitable for creating beautiful family memories.


River Retreat GARAKU (Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture)
River Retreat GARAKU

Hakone Retreat fore&villa 1/f (Hakone, Kanagawa Prefecture).
Hakone Retreat fore&villa 1/f

Setouchi Retreat (Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture)
Setouchi Retreat

Iki Retreat (Iki City, Nagasaki Prefecture)
Iki Retreat by Onko Chishin

Goto Retreat (Fukuejima, Nagasaki Prefecture)
Goto Retreat


The company that manages the Retreat brand, Onko Chishin Corporation, states as its philosophy that it is “a ‘travel destination’ for people with rich sensibilities”.We feel that this is a brand where the inn itself can become the purpose of the stay, as in “I want to stay at this inn”.

In addition to the Retreat brand, the company also offers unique accommodation and restaurants.
With the free membership ‘Onko Chishin PRIVILEGE CLUB’, they give away special offers based on the number of nights spent at each establishment. It’s a great way to build on your memories for even more enjoyment.


Onko Chishin Co., Ltd.
Onko Chishin


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