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Other Fun ideas for you and your baby

Delayed marriage, infertility, delayed childbearing, working parents, children on the waiting list…
Recently, many issues related to pregnancy and childbearing are drawing attention.
When you feel uneasy about childrearing, you may be lost with the overflowing information and get annoyed with the difficulties of having a child.

We, Luntan, focus on a fun time with babies rather than such tumult.
We are a media that help you find the pure joy and excitement associated with “babies”.

Just relax and let us show you
“a joy you can have only with babies”.
Enjoy the special privilege given to daddies and mommies only.

Being with your baby is fun.
Your baby makes you happy.
Enjoy this precious moment with your baby!

Luntan Staff

  • Fusako
    Luntan Editor
    Fusako became independent after working for a web advertising agency as well as at a web division in a manufacturing company. She worked in a variety of areas, not only in web production, but also in advertising, promotional planning and development. She found PATKA Co., Ltd. in 2014. She is a mother of two who loves her work and raising her kids.
  • Mu-min

    Mu-min joined PATKA Co., Ltd. to create the media, Luntan, after working for a production company and at a marketing division in a business corporation. She is working hard to juggle her work and raising her one-year-old daughter. Her favorite food is castela, a Japanese sponge cake.

  • Yopu-non
    Yopu-non is a cartoonist and illustrator. She is a mother of two sons. Many of “Our Great Adventure” episodes often come from her own experience. She dreams about having a drink with her sons in the future.

About Management

PATKA is a web production company. Our company provides planning and development of social media pages on sites such as Facebook, Instagram, etc., promotional webpage, and webpage for companies and recruitment agencies.

Luntan is managed by both PATKA staff and other skilled, talented, and creative staff who are also raising children. Based on the experience in childrearing as well as in web production, we can correlate childrearing with web production in various ways. Please feel free to contact us for business inquiries or for more information about us.

For inquiries, please click here.

Having strong ties with talented foreign artists,
PATKA Co., Ltd can meet your need.

PATKA Co., Ltd. seeks to discover new talents and values in Japan as well as overseas.
70 percent of the decoration kits available at Luntan’s webpage is provided by foreign artists. We match your different inquiries with our individual talents throughout our network to expand creativity. We work with designers, encoder, programmers, writers, and illustrators from Japan and overseas and seek to find new possibilities.


  • ・Planned, developed and managed social media for a leading cosmetic manufacturer
  • ・Developed the webpage for a leading cosmetic manufacturer
  • ・Planned and developed the webpage for a leading employment agency
  • ・Developed the webpage for a leading beverage manufacturer
  • ・Developed the webpage for a major food company
  • ・Planned and developed the tie-up webpage for a leading cosmetic manufacturer
  • ・Developed the webpage for a leading IT corporation
  • ・Planned and directed the webpage for a major electronic manufacturer
  • ・Managed the site development for a foreign automaker
  • ・Developed and managed social media for a foreign beverage manufacturer
  • ・Managed the site development for a foreign tourist bureau

For inquiries, please click here.

Creator Wanted

We are always looking to seek new talents and new values. We are looking for…

  • ・Someone cherishes their own time and appreciate work that supports that.
  • ・Someone who is confident in their professionals and strengths.
  • ・Someone who always wants to be better and better at what they do every day.

Designer, Encoder, Programmer, Writer, Editor, Director, Illustrator; and all other expertise related to the above, please don’t hesitate in sending us your CV. Perhaps it may not be straight away that we work alongside each other, but we’d like to think that together we can create something fun.


We welcome any inquiries regarding the achievements of PATKA Co., Ltd., questions about us, comments for Luntan, press release requests, proposals, etc. Please fill in the inquiry below. We will get back to you shortly.
Please fill in either in Japanese or in English (*) mandatory fields.

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