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Win an Amazon gift voucher by sharing with us your fantastic photos using Luntan original kit!

As a celebration of Luntan website goes live and following the distribution of our Luntan original kit, we will draw 10 lucky members who will receive 500 Yen Amazon gift voucher. Simply post your baby’s Luntan original kit photos on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with the tag#Luntan_photo in order to join this gift-drawing!




Campaign Details


Baby photos taken using Luntan original kit.

Applying method:
1. Taking photos with Luntan original kit being used
2. Post your comment and tagging #Luntan_photo on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter.

Closing date for entries:
31th December 2017 23:59

Gift content:
Amazon 500 Yen voucher

Number of lucky winners:

Winner announcement:
After carefully reviewing all the application, we will announce the lucky winner’s Photo with its comment. We will be using Instagram Direct Message / Facebook Message / Twitter Message to contact the winners. In order for us to be able to contact you, don’t forget to follow Luntan’s social media account.

Please find Luntan’s Social Networking Site Account here: Instagram / Facebook / Twitter

Please note that if you have not responded to our message during the valid period, you will be losing your winning chance.
On the other hand, please be kindly notified that we may use the photos you posted onto our Luntan website


If you don’t have any of the applications installed, please download from here:

Instagram: App store / Google play
Facebook: App store / Google play
Twitter: App store / Google play

*Comment and hashtag “#iphone” and “AppStore” are Apple inc.’s brand name / registered trademark.
*The usage of “iphone” trademark is based on iPhone Corporation license.
*“Android” and “Google play” are Google inc.’s brand name / registered trademark.


Application Terms:
・The internet connection fee, mobile data usage fee while entering the application is your own incur costs.
・It is your own decision to participate in this campaign; in the case of any damage caused to the applicator during the application we do not take any responsibility if it is not caused by us on purpose or due to serious mistake on our side.
・Please find out more about how we handle your personal info here.
・There may be circumstances we need to change the content of the gift.
・No responsibility can be accepted by us for lost entries by post.

*The posts without tagging #Luntan will not be a valid to enter the prize draw.
*It is not valid to post the same photo twice or multiple times.
*It will have to be the photos that taken by yourself.
*Regarding the post on Facebook, if you have restricted the audience to “only my friends”, it will not be a valid post.
*Photos that are infringing copyright, offending public order and morals, or invading other’s privacy will not be valid for this campaign.
*This campaign is not supported / authorised / related to Instagram / Facebook / Twitter.
*No responsibility can be accepted by us If the photos in the entries violation of the third parties’ rights.

Our contact for this campaign:
Patka Corporation (
Depends on your enquiry type, it may take us some time to be able to reply back to you.
*Please be kindly notified that we will not be able to replay back to you during year-end / New Year holiday and national holidays.