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Newborns age 0 to 1 year old are precious beings that bring their moms and dads lots of healing and happiness.
Every day spent with babies is invaluable time that comes only once.
A baby that could only crawl yesterday may learn to toddle today.
Babies grow surprisingly fast every day.

For moms and dads who think, “I want to save the daily moments of my baby’s growth in photos!,”
Luntan would like to introduce some techniques for easily taking cute baby photos with your smart phone.

3 points on the path to cute baby photos TURTORIAL & TIPS

Get in focus

The most important thing when taking baby photos with your smart phone is to get in focus. Nowadays there are photo editing apps with a lot of functions, so you can easily use apps to adjust brightness, contrast, and tone. But if your photo is out of focus when you take it, it will end up blurry no matter what effects you apply with apps.

Is the photo you took in focus?

When you take a photo, pinch out to magnify it right away!
“Is the baby’s face blurry?”
“Are subtle things in the background (like letters and patterns) difficult to see?”

If you look at a photo you took on your iPhone just as it is, it may seem to be in focus, but when you add effects to it with an app, you may notice it is blurry. To avoid being disappointed after you went to the trouble of taking a photo, make sure to magnify the photo to check if it is in focus right after you take it.
Example: When the photo is in focus

The photo is solidly in focus, but it is a little dark with dark tones, so we will adjust it with an app.

After adjusting with an app, the photo suddenly looks polished!

Example: When the photo is not in focus

The photo is not in focus, so the whole thing is blurry and it looks amateur.

In this case, this photo cannot be fixed even if we adjust it with an app.

Point 1 summary

As long as it’s in focus, it’s good to go!

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Know the ideal time to take photos

To get photos in focus, light is important. First, remember that darkness causes blurriness, and light prevents blurring. If you have a tripod or other stabilizing tool, your photos will be in focus even without much light, but it is very difficult to photograph an active baby with a big tripod. For busy moms and dads, the best way is to photograph with arms close to the body at bright times of day.

Near a bright window in the morning or afternoon is best

The strongest light that can be easily used for photography is natural light. Try to let in as much light as possible by using a room with big windows and leaving the curtains open from around 11-14:00, when the sunlight is strongest. Taking photos outside is also effective, but make sure to dress your baby for protection from the cold in winter.


Pull in your arms, tap the spot you want to focus on, and take a burst of shots

Even if you bring in a lot of natural light, you will not be able to stay in focus if your hand shakes too much when you take the photos. It would be ideal if you could stabilize your elbow with a desk or chair, but if that is difficult, just keeping your arms close to your body will help prevent shaky hands. Once you’ve decided on the composition of your photo, pull your arms into your body and keep clicking the shutter over and over! At least one of the multiple shots should be in focus. A miniature tripod (Gorila Pod) that can be immediately prepared is also effective.

Point 2 summary

Natural light and stable arms are
important to get photos in focus!

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Make use of powerful apps

As long as it’s in focus, you can transform even a dark, dull photo to a polished photo that looks completely different. Here, we will introduce 2 of our recommended photo editing apps.
With over 10 filters, brightness, contract, trimming, sharpening, tone correction, and highlight and shadow adjustment, this app provides all kinds of functions for photo editing.(Quotation:APP Bank)

This novel app lets you pinpoint the spot you want to edit by tapping it with your finger. Convenient for blurring backgrounds to make photos look like they were taken with an SLR camera, for adding sparkles, etc. Also offers a wide variety of photo frames.(Quotation:APP Bank)

Point 3 summary

Make your photos look modern and stylish with app effects!

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