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This site, Luntan, is managed by PATKA, Inc. This is a baby information site. Also, we publish work from a number of creators. Because of these two facts, we have set strict rules for use. Before using this site and its free downloads, please be sure to read and affirm these rules. If violations of the rules occur, we will quickly make an announcement to that effect and seek damages through a lawyer. Also, if a violation of the rules is judged to be malicious, we will file a damage report with the police. If it is unclear whether an action will violate the rules, please make an inquiry [link is provided at the end of this document] before doing anything.

<The Luntan Original Kit>

This site’s Luntan Original Kit may be used free of charge only on the following conditions and within the following scope.

・Personal use or use related to child-rearing are perfectly acceptable, of course. You are free to use these without payment or prior notice.
・You may also use these free of charge for commercial purposes such as advertising. However, before you do so, please contact us via the “Inquiries” link and inform us of the purpose and scope of use.
・You may not sell any of this content. For example, you may not sell photographs including enlarged versions of images from the Luntan Original Kit. However, you may use a small version of one of our photographs as a background image. If you wish to sell even part of any of our content, please contact us by the “Inquiries” link.
・Redistribution is strictly forbidden. You may not upload the Luntan Original Kit on any other servers.
・You may not use this for any adult-oriented website, content, or other service which includes sexual material.
・You may not use this material in any website, content, or other service related to religion, hazardous drugs, labor strikes, protest demonstrations, or meetup services.
・If your website refers users to the Luntan Original Kit, it is essential that you make sure to link to our TOP page. Please add an additional link connecting to the specific page(s) you refer to. Directly linking to the Luntan Original Kit PDF is prohibited.
・If you create an artistic work which includes illustrations or other such material from the Luntan Original Kit, you are forbidden from referring to these as your own work.
・You may not use illustrations or similar material contained in the Luntan Original Kit as icons on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other social networking services.
・If our company judges that there is danger of these rules being violated, it has the right to suspend usage, without duty to explain.
・If our company judges that confidence in this service has been damaged due to some conduct in violation of these rules, the user who incurred the damage shall make reparations.
・If, due to some use of this site in a way which violates the rules, an item from the Luntan Original Kit is picked up and spread on news sites, media, or social networking platforms, the user is to responsibly delete it, including any caches. If it cannot be deleted, the user will pay damages in the amount of 10,000 Yen or more per domain (1 news report, 1 Tweet/Retweet, etc.). Furthermore, we will demand supplemental reparations for emotional damages, lawyer consultation fees, and so on.

If you have observed any unfair use or violation of the above rules, we would be very grateful for you to send us information via our “Inquiries” link.

<General Site Information>

1. Site Usage

・Our company may freely change the usage rules of this site as necessary without prior notice. Furthermore, at the time of such changes, revised rules will be published on the site and considered to take effect at time of publication. Each time you use the site, please affirm that you are aware of the latest version of the rules. Further, if one uses this site after the rules have been changed, the user will be considered to have affirmed the revised rules.

・When our company sets usage rules and conditions for each special service, the end user will be expected to comply with all terms of use in using the site. Also, said terms of use, regardless of name, will make up a part of these rules.

2. Intellectual Property Rights and Similar

・Intellectual property rights and all other rights for all content offered by our company on this site (Including but not limited to the Luntan Original Kit, articles, images, PDFs, videos, sound, illustrations, designs, logos, charts, software, programs, and trademarks. Hereafter referred to as “this content”), such as copyrights and trademark signs, belong to this company.

・Without this company’s approval, you may not reproduce, adapt, transmit publicly, or make transmissible even one part of this content.

3. Prohibitions

The user, when using this site, must not perform any of the following actions.

(1) Conduct which infringes on or damages the honor, character, credit, or other property rights of individuals or third parties published on this site, or conduct which causes concern over such infringement or damage.
(2) Conduct which disadvantages or harms individuals or third parties published on this site, or conduct which causes fear of such harm.
(3) Conduct which violates public order or morals, or conduct which causes fear of such violations.
(4) Criminal or illegal conduct, conduct which causes fear of such, or accessory to or instigation of such conduct.
(5) Conduct including revision, alteration, falsification, reverse engineering, decompiling, disassembly, or destruction of information, data, and software, including this content, from this site or third parties.
(6) Conduct which infringes intellectual property rights such as copyright and trademark signs, privacy, likeness rights, or other rights of our company or third parties, or conduct which causes fear of infringement.
(7) Conduct with the goal of business or money-making, or conduct whose intent is preparation for such a goal.
(8) Usage or provision of computer viruses or other harmful software, or conduct which causes fear of such harm.
(9) Usage of this site for purposes other than those for which it is intended.
(10) Conduct in violation of laws or regulations, or conduct which causes fear of such a violation.
(11) Conduct other than that mentioned above which causes disruption to the operation of this site, or other conduct which is judged improper.

4.Disclaimer Facts

・Our company accepts no responsibility for trouble or injury occurring to users of this site as a result of use or inaccessibility of the site.

・Despite the publication of information on this service and careful attention to security warnings, our company makes no implicit nor explicit guarantee that there will be no faults, errors, or bugs related to this site’s security, reliability, accuracy, effectiveness, usefulness, integrity, adaptability for specific purposes, security, and so on.

・If the user encounters an issue with a third party in the course of using this site, the onus for resolving said problem is on the user, and our company takes no part in it.

・This company accepts no responsibility for any results which occur to users as a result of use of any information published on this site at the time it is published.

・Information on this site may be altered or deleted without prior notice.

5.Interruption/Stoppage of Service

・Our company may, for any of the reasons listed below, temporarily suspend or restrict use of part or all of this site without advance notice to the user.

(1) Natural disaster, war, or civil unrest occurs, or there is fear of such problems.
(2) This site is accessed by an excessive number of users at a given time.
(3) Urgent maintenance becomes necessary on equipment, tools, and so on which are used by the site.
(4) Other circumstances in which our company judges suspension necessary.

・Our company may suspend or end part or all of this site without prior notice to the user.

・Even if damage occurs to the user in accordance with the previous two paragraphs, our company accepts no responsibility.

6. Basis

・These rules are based upon the laws of Japan.

7. Judgment Jurisdiction

・If a dispute arises between our company and a user in consequence of using this site, the Tokyo District Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction for the first hearing.

Please address inquiries about this site’s usage rules to the following address.

Luntan Management Company: PATKA, Inc.
Post Code 167-0053
City of Tokyo, Suginami Ward, Nishiogiminami, 2-27-11-902
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