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Feature article crafted from the perspective of Luntan

Extravagant Accommodation to Enjoy with Baby: Vol.2

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It is nice to stay at a luxury hotel that you can relax with your baby without worrying about your surroundings.  This time, let us introduce the “Hakone-Suishoen”, where all the guestrooms are spacious suite rooms with a private open-air hot spring bath.  Their personalized services will make your stay comfortable and pleasant.  Let’s find out more about “Hakone-Suishoen”.


Contrary to many lively family friendly hotels in the Kowakidani hot spring in Hakone, the “Hakone-Suishoen” stands quietly with sophisticated ambiences. When you arrive the hotel, you can go directly to your room for the check-in.  Everyone would feel such a relief to find a baby bed as soon as entering the room.  The baby can stretch and start exploring on the bed instead of going through the check-in process in the lobby.  Isn’t that nice?


The room we stayed this time was a Stylish Suite room, “Kagayaki”.  While the baby is having fun sitting in a Bumbo baby seat, why don’t Mom and Dad enjoy hori-gotatsu, a Japanese heating appliance over a whole in the floor?  The king size bed for Mom and Dad is a perfect space for a baby to roll around.  You can let the baby play on the bed freely since there is a bed rail attached.  (However, please keep an eye on your baby.)

Oh, one of the great things about this hotel is that they provide Jinbei, traditional Japanese clothing usually worn as a nightwear or house wear, and padded kimono jacket for a baby.  The baby looks so cute in these clothes that you will want to take picture for sure.  These clothes are available from size 80, and we recommend informing the size to the hotel in advance.



Of course, there is a bay bathtub by the private open-air bath with running hot spring water.  The soap for a baby is provided, so you do not worry about bringing it from home.  The private open-air bath is equipped with a TV, which is unusual for this type of quiet hotel, so you can have a luxury of spending time watching TV while taking a nice hot bath after the baby goes to bed.  There is also a complimentary mini-bar in the room.  Dads after a long drive (and Moms without breastfeeding), how about some beer after enjoying a pleasant hot bath?  The mini-bar even comes with a special tea for the baby.



Dinner and breakfast are served at the main dining room, the “Momiji” restaurant.  The restaurant is in a traditional and sophisticated building that used to be a villa for the Mitsui family and is now protected as a National Cultural Asset.  The restaurant offers open seating and private rooms.  We recommend you to inform the restaurant in advance that you prefer a private room setting.  In a private room, the baby can have a sleeping space and a Bumbo baby seat.  They can also prepare okayu, rice porridge for a baby, if you ask them in advance.





The “Hakone-Suishoen” is a chic and sophisticated accommodation, and that also applies to their delicate services.  For example, when we request the hotel to bring an extra Jinbei or ask them to clean the baby bottle, we do not meet a hotel staff directly.  The correspondence is made by a phone call to the front desk and a “butler box” (delivery box).  In this way, we do not have to worry about getting dressed in hurry to answer the door, or no one will bother us while feeding a baby.  We can also take a bath as long as we want at any time.  We heard that a female staff is assigned to the room with a baby because Mom can be feeding a baby.  Anyway, the baby bottle that we ask them to clean came back after being sterilized in a hot water.  It is nice to have warm and personalized services in such a modern accommodation.

Now, here is the secret little pleasure of my trips, the amenities♪


The skin care products from Sisley, a luxury cosmetic brand using natural ingredients, a toothbrush and body wash sponge for a baby.  Don’t forget, there is the “Suishoen Spa” by Sisley in the hotel!  You can even get a hair treatment on the day of your departure since the check-out time is at noon.

There are some connecting rooms available, so going on a trip with grandparents would be fun as well.  In the luxury suite room, you can arrange to have meals in your room.  This hotel is often seen as a place for adults, but there are full of luxurious services for a baby.  If you have a chance, please enjoy your stay at the “Hakone-Suishoen”.  And if you do not mind, please let us know about your experience at this hotel!

Here is the list of services and items offered by the “Hakone-Suishoen” that may please Moms and Dads.  All the items are free except the ones with prices noted.  Please ask the hotel directly for more information.  If you actually decide to stay at the “Hakone-Suishoen”, please let us know.  We will offer a gift certificate for \10,000 to the first person to stay at the hotel.  (Applicable to those who will actually stay the hotel and share the experience on a social networking site.)

・Baby’s accommodation (¥1,620)

・Bumbo baby seat

・Baby bathtub

・Diaper waste basket

・Baby bed

・Bed rail

・“Children’s tea from Ito-en”, tea for a baby who is older than one month

・Toothbrush for a baby

・Body wash sponge for a baby

・Soap for a baby (product of Pigeon)

・Shampoo for a baby (product of Bandai)

Jinbei (from size 80~)

・Padded kimono jacket (from size 80~)

・Plates and Cutlery for a baby

Okayu, rice porridge for a baby

・Sleeping space and a Bumbo baby seat in the restaurant

・Baby food heating

・Washing and sterilizing in a hot water



519-9 Kowakidani, Hakone-machi, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa 250-0406
TEL +81-460-86-0852


Oh, we almost forgot!  There is a great eel restaurant on the way to the “Hakone-Suishoen”!  The restaurant gives you a bowl of rice with the eel sauce to the family with babies or children.  You should try it!  Their eel dishes are very tasty, too!

122 Kazamatsuri, Odawara city, Kanagawa 250-0032
TEL 04465-23-1011


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Original ArticleFeature article crafted from the perspective of Luntan

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