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Fun Baby Recipes Vol.06
Christmas Risotto

Babyfood for Christmas

On the special night in December, let’s cook risotto in Christmas colors.
It’s a fun and tasty French style dish for everyone in the family.

※Serves 1 adult and 1 baby

■ Recipe for Mushroom Risotto
・ 100g rice
・ 2tbsp finely chopped onion
・ 1tbsp unsalted butter
・ 10 shimeji mushrooms
・ 1/2 sliced melting cheese
・ 100cc milk or processed milk

(1) Finely chop an onion and shimeji mushrooms.
(2) Add butter in a pan and stir the Step 1 and rice.
(3) Pour in milk or processed milk and simmer until the liquid is absorbed.
(4) When the liquid is absorbed, add melting cheese.  Ready once the cheese is melted.

■ Recipe for Mashed Potatoes and Green Vegetables
・ 1 potato
・ 1/3 bunch spinach
・ 2 broccoli florets
・ A pinch of consommé powder

(1) Peel the potato and boil until tender.  Mash the potato.
(2) Boil broccoli florets and spinach until tender.
(3) Finely chop broccoli and spinach.  For broccoli, use flower parts only.
(4) Combine the Step 1 and the Step 3 and mix well.  Season them with consommé and salt.

■ Recipe for Tomatoes with Olive Oil
・ 14~15 cherry tomatoes
・ 1tbsp olive oil
・ Salt to taste

(1) Remove the cherry tomato’s stem.  Peel tomatoes after steeping them in the boiling water.
(2) Dry the tomatoes with paper towels.  Add olive oil and salt to taste.


Once all the menus are ready, put each ingredient in order into the ring mold to shape.  If you don’t have a ring mold, you can make it with a milk carton.  Cut the milk carton into about 10cm (approx. 3in) wide, weave it into a circle, and staple the opposite end.  Then wrap it with aluminum foil, and now you have a ring mold.


Place mushroom risotto first into the ring mold, and then add mashed potatoes and green vegetables while pressing each layer lightly with the back of the spoon.  Put tomatoes with olive oil on top.  When removing the ring mold, it’s easier to do so while holding the risotto down lightly.  You can garnish the mix of olive oil and parsley (not included in the ingredients above) around the risotto before serving.

【Useful Tips】
※ Please let each menu cool before putting them into the ring mold.
※ These recipes are suitable for babies who are approximately 9 months old or older.  If you don’t use melting cheese, you can serve them for babies who are approximately 7 months old or older.
※ When you give tomatoes to babies, please mash them before serving.
※ These recipes go well with wine.  You can add more cheese and sprinkle black pepper on risotto for adult servings.


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Happy Xmas






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