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Feature article crafted from the perspective of Luntan

Dreamy Girl

Pink, yellow, red from berries, cupcakes, whipped cream, and lollipops!  Surrounded by the tantalizing sweet scent, we’ve set up a photo shoot in the room full of sweets and confectioneries that any girl would dream of.  You can create these lovely decorations with the stuff from a supermarket!  Aren’t they cute?

Once you find stylishly designed cupcake baking cups, fill the cups with muffins and cakes sold at a supermarket and put some whipped cream on top.  You can make a fine two tier cake stand by placing a few paper plates on a cup.  When you make a cake stand, please use a few plates to secure the strength.  You can add more colors if you use a glass and fill it up with gummies and marshmallows.

The easiest way to make a tassel garland is to use paper streamers. Wrap paper streamers round and round to two legs of a chair and cut them off.  Then, fold them in the middle, staple them together, and now it’s ready.  You can make a nice and curly garland by using a chair.  It’ll look great to hang it on the wall with Luntan’s free garland, don’t you think?

The round shape garland we’ve used here can be also decoration for cupcakes.  Just print it in smaller size and stick it on a toothpick.  You can stick decorated toothpicks with lollipops on cupcakes.

The strawberry milk flavored candies can be an adorable neckless when you connect them with tapes.  Is this the very first neckless for a baby girl?  You can also make a crown with cupcake baking cups when decorating them with some ribbons♪


This yellow dress was a gift to her when she was born.  She used to be so small that the dress could cover her completely, but now, it’s perfect on her.  The last 18 months have flashed by, and she has grown to such a beautiful girl.  We’re celebrating her 18 months old birthday.

It’s good idea to select a garland that matches to the color or the ambience of baby’s dress.  We’re confident that you’ll find the perfect color from our collections of garlands.  When you have a great photo of your baby, don’t forget to post it on Instagram and share it with us at Luntan.  Let’s join the drawing to win an Amazon gift voucher by adding the tag #Luntan_photo.

※The garland introduced here is free to download.
→Click here to download

※All the foods introduced in this article are for photographic purposes, and they are not for babies.  They can be enjoyed by adults after the photo shoot.
→Click here for the baby food recipes


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Lovely Sweets





Original ArticleFeature article crafted from the perspective of Luntan

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