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Original Article

Feature article crafted from the perspective of Luntan

New Photo Frame Kits are Available

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When it comes to a baby, not even a single day is the same and you can be dazzled by baby’s cute reaction everyday.  Why don’t you not only save baby’s photos but also frame them nicely?  We’re introducing free photo frames that will help you make lovely photos.  The free photo frames are very easy to use.  Download, print, and stick your baby’s photos on them!  They’ll brighten up the room and give your family a smile every time they see the photos.

First, you need a space in the room to display photo frames.  Let’s decorate photo frames with matching Luntan’s free garlands.  There, you’ve created a lovely harmonious space.


If you like a chic interior, we recommend a jungle theme photo frame.  If you frame it in the dark colored photo frame, it will match perfectly to the chic ambience.


Oh, don’t forget to decorate a precious ultrasonographic photo of your baby!   Luntan’s photo frame can add a taste and make it a nice décor just by hanging it on the wall.  It’ll be fun to start decorating before the birth and add more photos and illustrations all around it after the birth.  You can have a wall full of precious moments of your baby.


When your family is expecting a sibling, it’s also a good idea to decorate photos of an older child waiting for the new baby’s arrival with a joy.  Let’s wish that they’ll get along with each other and decorate photos like an older child with a ultrasonographic photo or with mom’s big belly, or a photo of him/her when his/her sibling is finally born.  If you don’t have a photo frame, a sheet of construction paper is useful.  Fold the paper and just stick the photo frame you made.


How about decorating the photo frame in progress since a baby grows so fast?  Any idea how the baby will look like when he/she turns one year old?  It’ll be a fun activity for your family to choose the best photo every month.

Please click here for Luntan’s free downloadable photo frames.  There’re more designs available besides the photo frames introduced above.  Please check them out.  We hope you’ll find the perfect photo frame for your baby!

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LuntanのKitは、スマートフォンからでもPCからでも、お使いのプリンターで印刷をしてお楽しみいただけます。ファイルはPDF形式となっており、ファイルを開くにはAdobe Acrobat Readerが必要です。

Shabby Flowers

Jungle Party

Flower garden

Hot Air Baloons / Girl

Happy days / Birthday





Original ArticleFeature article crafted from the perspective of Luntan

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