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The Editor’s Report Vol.2
The 17th Playtime Tokyo (variety goods)


The “Playtime Tokyo” is the exhibition to introduce remarkable items for babies and children from all over the world.  In this second report, we’d like to introduce unique goods and items that are carefully selected by Luntan’s staff.


One of the booths were decorated with full of illustrations of different types of unique dogs.  It was impossible to walk through without stopping and thinking “what’s going on?”.  We thought that these illustrations were probably the art works by children.  However, we also got an impression that these art works lack children’s purity and innocence, which could be because of the refined graphics.  What on earth is this?

“Children made these collages by cutting illustrations of different kinds of dogs and putting each piece together.  These dogs are made of body parts, like muzzles, paws, bellies, etc., from different types of dogs, and they are the so-called mixed-breed dogs.”



This is a toy (sort of) called “PSI-KUSY” which means tricks in Polish.  Besides the toy kit of illustrations, there’s a kit that each body part is made of wood.  This toy is the art work created by “Pani Jurek”, a Polish design studio, and they’re sending a message through their work.

“In Poland, many dogs are abandoned and it becomes a social problem.  Are the purebred dog breeds the only beautiful dogs and should they be kept?  Are mixed-breed dogs and mongrels ugly?  I hope this toy can inspire people to think about this issue.”

This art work was awarded the Best Publication of the Year by the Poland Publishers Association.  In their booth, children were having fun creating a “mixed-breed dog” of their own.  It’s fun because many different colors are mixed.  None of them are the same and they are all beautiful.  Children seem to know that by instinct since they don’t have preconceived ideas.

Luntan’s one-year-old model, Sakura-chan, has tried it, too!


Drawing with crayons, she looked very serious.  With little help from her mom, look, she has made such a creative doggy.  Her doggy has a green body, a white neck, and many patterns of polka-dots and stripes.  It’s very unique and charming!

※The kit contains small metallic parts and other small parts, such as ears, a tail, etc.  Please be extra careful when you play with small children.

Pani Jurek


The next item is the bed frame that its size can be adjusted with the growth of children.  What if your children have this amusing bed that occupies the most of the space in kid’s room…?  They may never come out of the room!


“Originally, we made this bed for our own children.  Then, we started making it for our friends and acquaintances after seeing our children decorating and playing with it like a secret base.  And now, this amazing bed frame becomes known to people of more than 40 countries.”

You can change the bed frame the way you like it.  For example, you can open the guardrail to make it look like an entrance of the house, adjust the height of the bed, or remove the guardrail and make it a floor bed.  It’s appealing to moms and dads that their products are natural and handmade.  It’ll be exciting to see how the secret base will transform as children grow older!



The next item we’re introducing is the milestone blocks that are perfect to record the growth of your precious children.  You can build letters, such as “three months pregnant”, “1st grade”, “10 years old” and so on, by combining the blocks with numbers and the blocks with “Months”, “grade”, “years”, etc.  These blocks are perfect ornament when taking photos to mark milestones.  There’s also a set of cards to record milestones from your pregnancy to children’s first year of life.  When you have a fabulous photo, don’t forget to frame it with Luntan’s free photo frame!

The banana shaped item is an infant teething or training toothbrush.  There’re training toothbrushes with soft handles to prevent mouth injury made by Japanese companies.  However, this training toothbrush is much softer and made of the highest quality silicone.  The banana peel is the handle, and its roundish and wide shape provides safety.  Furthermore, your children will be definitely happy to use it because of its lovable design.  The baby banana infant toothbrush is available at online shopping stores.



This last item is something we want to recommend to moms and dads who are planning a vacation trip to a tropical resort and those who are thinking about taking children to swimming pools and beaches next year.  This is a swim nappy for babies and toddlers.

Luntan’s staff has been using disposable swim nappies for her child.  However, if truth be told, these nappies are made to stop poo leaks and are not effective to soak up pee.  In that case, they don’t need to be nappies, do they?
The “Happy Nappy” is a swim nappy by Splash About in the UK and provides the same function as disposable swim nappies.  It’s a brand widely known in the UK as a swim nappy for babies.  It also seems to be known among Japanese parents who send their babies to swimming lessons.


Our staff’s two-years-old son has tried it on.  Using the same material as a wetsuit, the Happy Nappy provides warmth.  Baby’s entire bottom is covered tightly with thick elastic, and it looks effective to prevent the leakage of unwanted leaks.  This is a reusable nappy, so it’s easy on the wallet and environmentally friendly.  The adorable pink colored Happy Nappy is perfect for girls.  A baby wrap is also available to keep babies warm in water.


Compared to disposable swim nappies, the Happy Nappy looks great for photos.  The range of sizes is from L (6 ~ 16 months old) to XL (12 ~ 24 months old).  You can purchase the Happy Nappy from their official webpage.

Splash About






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