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Feature article crafted from the perspective of Luntan

Extravagant Accommodation to Enjoy with Baby Vol.3
Izu Bettei KURO

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The day a baby rolled over, the day a baby stood up alone, the day a baby took a first step.  Above all these memorable days, baby’s birthday is far more special.  This time, we’d like to introduce “Izu Bettei KURO”, a luxurious villa style accommodation, to celebrate baby’s special anniversary.  The warm hospitality will make a baby happy for sure.  This luxurious accommodation provides plenty of services that are perfect for baby’s birthday.


The friendly staff welcomed us and checked us in inside the room.  In a modern room with black wall and leather chairs, the baby made a surprised face and pointed at something.  There they are, Anpanman toys!  (Anpanman is one of the most popular anime series among babies in Japan)  Soft toys, blocks, picture books, DVDs, etc.  There are many toys that you would expect the least from a luxurious hotel.  It’s also nice to have a cork mat on the floor especially when you have a baby walking with support.  There is a nap area for a baby as well.


The hotel is equipped with a product to clean and disinfect the baby bottle and a diaper waste basket.  Yukata, a casual summer kimono, is placed on the shelf outside the room, and you can choose the one you like.  It’s little too big for a baby, but maybe siblings can wear yukata for children.  After the long drive, let’s take a break and relax with beers and juices from the in-room refrigerator.  The drinks are free of charge♪


Now, it’s time to go see the hot spring that we have been waiting for!  From the private open-air hot spring in the room, you can overlook the shining sea and Izu Oshima Island.  There is also an indoor bath, so you can first warm up the baby, and then go to the open-air bath.  A baby bathtub and soap for a baby are also provided.


Um…look at the thing next to the open-air bath.  Is that…a slide?!  The baby usually needs to wait for his turn in a park, but here, he can play as much as he wants.  Of course, please assist a baby to play safely.  There is a sandbox at the bottom of the slide, and a sandbox toy set is also provided.  What a wonderful hospitality!  They know how to please not only a small child but also parents.



Both dinner and breakfast are served in the room, so you can relax and take as much time as you want.  A meal for a baby can be arranged as well.  After breakfast, how about a dessert on the terrace?   Enjoy open feeling scenery with the wide open sky and sea.





We had such a blast!  Not only us, parents, but the baby must have felt the same.  Besides the serves introduced here, they offer a crown to a baby for a special occasion and more things that are better kept as secret.  Wait until you see it.  It’s going to be a surprise.

Now, here is the secret little pleasure of my trips, the amenities♪  They are shampoo, conditioner and body soap from “ORGANICA” and a toothbrush for a baby.


Please enjoy your stay at “Izu Bettei KURO” and share your wonderful experience with Luntan!

Here is the list of services and items offered by “Izu Bettei KURO”.  All the items are free except the ones with prices noted.  Please contact the hotel directly for more information.
・Baby’s accommodation (¥5,000)  ※may be free depending on the hotel package
・Child meal (¥3,000) ※may be free depending on the hotel package
・Sandbox toy set
・High chair
・Bumbo baby seat
・Baby bathtub
・Diaper waste basket
・Futon for a nap
・Toothbrush for a baby
・Soap for a baby
・Shampoo for a baby
・Yukata for a small child
・“Milton” (to clean and disinfect a baby bottle)
・Anpanman toys
・DVD and other toys

Izu Bettei KURO
1160-16 Futo, Ito city, Shizuoka
TEL 0557-52-6696

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Original ArticleFeature article crafted from the perspective of Luntan

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