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Boy’s Festival 2016
Photos from Moms and Dads

Moms and dads of boys!  How was the once a year event for boys, the Boys’ Festival (Children’s Day)?  Here are nice photos from moms and dads who celebrated the Boys’ Festival with the Luntan’s carp streamer garland.  Maybe you can get some ideas for next year.  Let’s take a look!


This is an adorable photo of smiling baby in a red apron costume of kintaro, a hero boy of Japanese folklore.  The courageous tiger and the worrier’s helmet, the beautiful garland using gradations of sizes and colors, the red worrier’s helmet on the boy, well-balanced colors and placements, they all look exceptional!  The little boy has a perfect posture for the photo, too!  May he be a vigorous and strong boy, like kintaro.



This photo shows that the little boy is trying hard to reach the carp streamer garland wondering “what’s this?”.  The camera catches the perfect moment of a neatly hanging garland and the boy’s appearance from behind.  He can stand up very well.  We wish him to grow happy and healthy.



This is a photo with a handsome baby boy wearing the worrier’s helmet and hakama, a formal pleated and divided skirt for men.  Garlands and the paper crafted worrier’s helmet on the wall are blurred nicely and placed in order as if they were a picture frame.  The curious baby is giving a kiss to the carp shaped package with goodies inside.  Eat well and become a healthy and strong boy!



This photo makes us smile just looking at the boy grinning cheerfully.  With the fine worrier’s helmet decoration, tsurushi-kazari, a decoration of carps hanging from a string, and lots of smiles, you can tell that he had a great day surrounded by his family.  The carp garland looks good with the star garland!  Wishing him to be a cheerful and smiling boy.



The last one is a photo with a charming boy.  The composition, the way the garland is decorated and the boy sitting in the center, is well-balanced and beautiful!  Judging from his hair style and the way he dresses, he must be a stylish boy.  May he be a fine and chic boy!



Here is the carp streamer garland that moms and dads decorated nicely above. It’s free to download♪

You can join the gift-drawing and win an Amazon gift voucher by sharing a fantastic photo of your baby with the Luntan’s original kit.  Simply post a photo on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, with the hashtag “#Luntan”.  We look forward to your participation!

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