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Feature article crafted from the perspective of Luntan

Extravagant Accommodation to Enjoy with Baby Vol.4
Sakuragaoka Saryo in Atami

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The modern accommodations open one after another every year, but in this article, we would like to introduce “Sakuragaoka Saryo”, the extravagant accommodation that you can enjoy with your baby.  “Sakuragaoka Saryo” is one of villas in the “Atami Sekitei”, which has the history of more than a half-century and has contributed to the culture of Japanese hospitality known as “omotenashi”.  It was amazing to experience the traditional Japanese service that has been passed on.


“Sakuragaoka Saryo” consists of seven suites which are built in Sukiya style, a traditional architectural style in Japan originally used for teahouses.  The capacity of each guest room is for four people, but there’re many families who stay in two villas next to each other and enjoy the stay with grandparents.

After walking through a stone-paved path surrounded by various Japanese garden trees, we found a pair of tiny Japanese-style sandals.  The guests are led directly to the room without going through the reception, so you can relax right away without worrying about the baby’s mood.  The guest room consists tatami mat floor, and babies/children can lie down and relax on the tatami mat.  The useful items, such as a Japanese-style futon for napping, a baby sleeping bag, and jinbei, traditional Japanese clothing worn as a nightwear or house wear, are all prepared for babies/children in advance.  Isn’t that nice?



The highlight of the accommodation is the stunning Japanese garden that leads you to the “Atami Sekitei”.  On this enormous property of approximately 2.45 acres, there’re colorful koi fish in the pond in front of the guest rooms and the stage for Noh, a classical theater performance with dance, chanting and music play, which is illuminated with a bonfire at night.  The pairs of Japanese-style sandals are laid out for the guests to enjoy the garden, and the food to feed koi fish is also available.  Let’s go for a little walk!


There’re stepping stones and tunnels like rock cave.  The guests can enjoy this great garden with many stone-paved paths as if they are in adventure.  It’s easy to trip and fall for babies who are still practicing how to walk, so please be sure to hold their hands tightly to assist.  Without a doubt, any babies/children would love feeding koi fish!  In order to stay warm after the bath, we recommend having a walk in the garden before enjoying the hot spring.



After spending some time in the garden, let’s relax in the private open-air bath in the guest room.  It’s a private bath but big enough for whole family to enjoy together.  There’s no indoor bath, so moms/dads may want to prepare warm shower and the bath for the baby with suitable temperature in advance.  Please don’t catch a cold.


Once you warm up the body, it’s time for delicious dinner!  The families with children can enjoy dinner without any worries since the dinner is served in the room.  The complimentary miso soup and rice for children are available.  There’s no special menu for babies/children, but you can contact the hotel and make arrangements in advance.  The hotel will prepare dishes for children, such as stewed dishes and omelets (additional costs).  The dishes have simple yet excellent detailed flavor of pure Japanese cuisine.  Savor the delicate dishes that should be known not only to adults but also to children.


Just around the time to finish dinner, the traditional Japanese dance performance by Atami geigi, traditional Japanese female entertainers (geisha), starts on the stage across from the room (weekends only).  Watching the stage from the room, the baby clapped his hands.  The baby was happy to see the geisha waved back at him.  This is the special moment that you can only have in this hotel.


Now, here is the secret little pleasure of trips, the amenities♪


They’re L’OCCITAN’s shower gel, shampoo and conditioner.  There’s also a toothbrush for children.

By the way, a nakai, a waitress at a Japanese style hotel, brought us paper and color pencils for the baby who wanted to play with a pen in the room.  We felt that this kind of thoughtful service, which is not by the book but provided efficiently to each circumstance, may be the Japanese omotenashi that is praised highly in the world.  If you have an opportunity to visit this hotel, please enjoy your stay with your babies/children.  And if you like, please share your wonderful experience with us at Luntan!


Here is the list of services and items available at “Sakuragaoka Saryo”.  All the items are free except the ones with prices noted.  Please contact the hotel for more information.

・Accommodation for babies/children

・Chairs for babies

・Baby bathtub

・Diaper waste basket

・Toothbrush for children

・Body wash sponge for children

・Soap for babies (product of Pigeon)

・Shampoo for babies (product of Pigeon)


・Baby sleeping bag

・Japanese-style futon for babies

・Plates and cutlery for babies

・Rice and miso soup

・Menu for children: with additional costs  (price varies depending on the dishes)

・Baby food heating

・Washing baby bottles and sterilizing in a hot water


Atami Sekitei Sakuragaoka Saryo
6-17 Wada-cho, Atami city, Shizuoka 413-0024
TEL 0557-81-6123

If you go there via Odawara, we recommend dining at “Natural Chinese, KONOMA”, located inside the Houtokuninomiya shrine at the Odawara castle.  The restaurant serves fine Chinese dishes with gentle taste.   The plates and cutlery for babies and high-chairs are available!

子連れランチ-ナチュラルチャイニーズ 樹麻 (コノマ KONOMA)


Natual Chinese KONOMA
10:00am ~ 6:00pm (closed Tuesdays)

8-10 Jonai, Odawara city, Kanagawa 250-0014
(Inside Houtokuninomiya shrine at the Odawara castle)
TEL 0465-23-3246


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Original ArticleFeature article crafted from the perspective of Luntan

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